You know what I did last summer (and the one before)

The annual “Rundgang – Open Days” event at the Berlin University of the Arts (the UdK) will take place tomorrow and during the whole upcoming weekend. This event, as well as boiling hot days reaching their pick with monsoon-like thunderstorms, represents the beginning of the Berliner summer for me.

Throughout the weekend the studios, the various workshops, rehearsal classes and concert halls of the largest art university in Germany will open their doors to whomever is interested in getting a glimpse of where the artists of tomorrow are being educated. The faculties of the UdK are spread around Berlin, being an inseparable part of a city that breathes culture and attracts so many artists. I usually start by visiting the Fine Arts college at the UdK main building on Hardenbergstraße 33 (vis-a-vis Steinplatz). The Architecture, Media and Design faculty is situated there as well.
This impressive, enormous neo-baroque building, with the Latin statement “Erudiendae Artibus Iuventuti” (“The youth to be instructed in the arts”) above its main entrance might look a bit intimidating at first but as you pass through the foyer, into the enchanted hidden inner courtyard – a real magic awaits. No wonder it reminds me of Hogwarts.

Throughout the weekend visitors will have a chance to see the graduates and Master students’ final exhibition, explore the students’ studios of some of the most renowned artists and professors that teach in the university, such as- Monica Bonvicini, Valérie Favre, Hito Steyerl, Tilo Heinzmann, just to name a few. Various activities such as lithography workshop, etching workshop and many more, will be offered. Additionally, a large selection of artworks by professors, graduates and students will be offered for sale, a pop up book store will sell art books and publications. Furthermore, the end of the year concert will take place on Friday at 19:00 at the UdK concert hall. Feels just like one huge art lovers’ amusement park.

Designed by: Johanna Rummel

UdK Open Days, Friday: 13-22 ; Saturday: 11-22 ; Sunday: 11-20 The full program, venues list & map can be found here.

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