Collection Night, here I come!

A still from Deep Gold by Julian Rosefeldt, 2013/2014. Courtesy: Julian Rosefeldt and Sammlung Wemhöner. Copyright from Julian Rosefeldt and VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2019.

This evening, one week before the traditional Long Night of the Museums, another “long night” event is being launched. The COLLECTION NIGHT, dedicated to Berlin’s private art collections, which have such an important part in the city’s art scene. A dozen of Berlin’s private art collections will open their doors to the public from 17:00 until midnight. A chance to see some of the most intriguing art collections, most of them are rarely accessible to the public.

In such occasions my yearning sense of curiosity instantly takes over me and if you’re here reading my blog – I know yours as well. It is absolutely understandable, seeing art displayed in such a setting as a private residence or a historical venue generates an immersive experience that is completely different than visiting “just” a museum or white cube gallery. Thought provoking, stimulating and exciting in another aspect. And if it’s not for the art, then it’s for the stories behind the venues or their architecture.

Sammlung Wemhöner for instance, will present its future private exhibition space for the first time on this occasion. In a historic former ballroom from 1899 in Kreuzberg, a large scale screening of Julian Rosenfeldt’s film Deep Gold will be on view. After the weekend, this architectural jewel will be renovated and is planned to open only during 2021.

More intriguing examples are the collection of the computer scientist Ivo Wessel, who has been collecting contemporary art and literature since his school days. His collection includes painting, photography, conceptual art, media and video art. And the ROCCA Stiftung, founded by the Art historian Joëlle Romba and lawyer Eric Romba. The foundation is located in the couple’s art-filled private premises. Their collection focuses on different aspects of contemporary art, such as: photorealistic painting, Op-Art, architecture in art and so on, with works by Wolfgang Tillmans, Carmen Herrera, Gregor Hildebrandt and many more.

I am extremely excited about this blessed initiative, organised by the directors of the Boros Collection, the me Collectors Room and the Wemhöner collection, who have joined forces to pay a well-deserved homage to Berlin’s collectors. Hopefully this inaugural event will be a great success and become a tradition.
Definitely, Berlin in all its glory!

BERLIN COLLECTION NIGHT – 23rd of August, 5 pm until midnight, full program here.