Shall we spend the night together?

Dear friends and art lovers,

Don’t worry, I don’t have an indecent proposal for you (maybe in the future, when we know each other better…) but I’m happy i got your attention!

Some of you asked me about my plans for the “Lange Nacht Der Museen” taking place this evening.

For those of you who are not familiar with the event, the long night of the museums takes place once a year during August (until 2012 it took place twice a year, in the winter and in the summer), when 80 museums from all over Berlin and all possible themes join forces to take part in quite an amazing event – they all open their doors to the public until 2:00am and offer various programs, workshops, tours, concerts and performances. Some even offer special programs for kids.  Most programs are in German but quite a few venues offer tours in english as well. A ticket for adult costs 18 euros and can be purchased online or in all participating museums and even at the S-bahn/BVG machines. The tickets include the entrance fee for all venues and even a public transportation ticket (abc) and shuttle buses that will easily take you from one place to another (6 routes are offered)! This night has a very unique atmosphere and considered to be climax of the museums’ summer.

There is so much to see tonight, the variety is incredible and frankly we usually make it to only two or three venues (though i always plan to visit more). I try to choose museums which i usually don’t get to visit or the ones that offer some different experience, for example a music concert or performance and so on.

Last year we took the kids to the Zeiss-Großplanetarium and they loved it. This year we are planning a “child free” evening and will probably visit the Berlinische Galerie in Kreuzberg which offers a dance performance inspired by the Carsten Nicolai installation “Tele”, amongst a lot of other special tours and workshops possible. Later on I hope we’d make it to Kunsthaus Dahlem which offers a drawing workshop, a curator’s tour in english and a dance performance as well. There is an urban dance performance by the Flying Steps at the Neues Museum which also sounds very cool.

Seems like whatever you are interested in, whether it is history or science, modern art or even the traditional german currywurst, everyone can find something to enjoy tonight. What are you planning on seeing? I am curious to know!

Have a lovely evening,


The Floating University and more

Hello there dear friends and art lovers,

I want to share with you a cool venue I have discovered –“The floating University” – a temporary and experimental architectural venue that was built in a big rainwater basin in the outskirts of Tempelhofer Feld, by the architects‘ collective raumlaborberlin. The space was created for art and architecture students, as well as scientists from more than twenty international universities, in order for them to research and investigate together daily routines and practices of urban living and formulate visions and ideas for a better future city. They do so through interesting collaborations with artists, local experts, architects, musicians and dancers.
In this unique, modular structure you can find learning spaces, auditorium, laboratory tower for water filtration, a bar and so on.

When I visited the place, it was so remote and surreal, I almost forgot I am in Berlin and felt as if I got to a hippie farm in Brandenburg or some sort of a spaceship parking space…
During an ´open weeks´ event, the venue will be open to the public and offer various workshops, lectures, symposiums and concerts but If you are curious to see it beforehand,  it is open to the public on Thursdays between 16:00 to 20:00. You can have an impression, get a drink at the bar, chill at the “Port of Sunken Dreams” and dip your feet in the hot tub. At 18:00 starts a rubber boots tour through the spaces, so make sure you leave your stilettos at home…
On this upcoming Sunday, there´s an electro-acoustic music performance starting 18:00 by musicians who are investigating the sounds produced by plants and animals. I wonder how will it be. The performance is free of charge.

Where is it: Lilienthalstraße 32, 10965, Berlin-Kreuzberg
10 min walking distance from U-bahn station Südstern
More details in the link below:

Whether you like music, dance or art, each one can find something interesting in August:

“People” festival at the Funkhaus – during this upcoming weekend the second edition of the independent music festival “people” will take place – 160 artists and musicians (the full list of participants can be found in the website) will be performing, spontaneously and without a known line-up, across 8 stages and studios at the stunning historic venue called Funkhaus. The Funkhaus is an overwhelming complex, that used to be a former GDR broadcast centre, built in the 1950´s, located overlooking the river spree. Nowadays, the huge venue houses artists’ studios, concert halls, event hall, café and more.

Tanz im August – Berlin´s international festival for contemporary dance, offering four weeks of different productions, from ballet shows to experimental performances, by international stars as well as  newcomers, in different venues throughout the city.

Project Space – Project Space is an art festival, taking place for the fourth time this August. It is a platform for the independent art scene of Berlin, with 27 experimental spaces taking part and hosting exhibitions, performances and events on various themes (such as cultural identity, migration and so on). The idea is that each day a different space has 24 hours to open its doors to the public.
A list of all participating venues, including a calendar and a map, can be found here:


Enjoy the last days of summer, and don´t forget to sign up for our newsletter!


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